fifa 14 coins xbox Walsh become the player of the game


United Kingdom, the Daily Telegraph reported on March 29, despite the uproar of the wave of British Airways strike has not yet come to an end, but as the theme of a new computer game has been freshly baked! Games, British Airways Chief Executive Willie. Walsh turned one of the flight attendants, let us see how much joy he brings players in this paragraph called "Willy. 2 Walsh: Willie. Walsh back" game, was wearing a flight attendant Walsh traditional uniforms with "female image" appears, ironically. The players task is to control Walsh, let him make preparations for the aircraft to take off, including the delivery of newspapers, food and duty-free items. Mounted on aircraft, the more Walsh, the player scores higher. But the players want to make distribution of Walsh Dodge police on duty on the route for obstacles, fifa 14 coins xbox the latter suggesting that led the strike of British Airways, the company Union Woodley, in fact, this is not a United Kingdom "t" company the first time Walsh become the player of the game, Chief Executive of the troubled entertainment effects as early as 2008, unearth. 5th terminal was put into operation at Heathrow Airport, but took this 6 years, spent $ 4.3 billion pounds to build the building just opened there have been a number of issues, Mr Walsh said to bear full responsibility. Thus, the company to serve as a basis for developing a game, Walsh to complete tasks, Executive Manager of the luggage Chishti said Mr Walsh is back, he was thrilled. "In all the games we create role, I have to admit, Willie was my favorite! I like the last one game, heard about the strike, we immediately realized the good opportunity! ”

As British Airways labor talks broke down, the British air crew from the 27th of this month began the second round for a 4-day strike. When Easter is approaching, expect the strike will bring hundreds of millions of pounds to British Airways company losses, close to 30% flights will be affected. Earlier, British Airways unions have organised a round during the 3-day strike in protest.

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