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Adventurer/Explorer characters grants Blessing of  mesos maplestory 2 those Fairy (passive skill in Beginner Skill Window) to all other characters on your accounts except for themselves. The Blessing of the Fairy provides +1 ATK Power, +1 MAG ATK, and +1 Accuracy & Avoidability for every 10 degree increment from an Explorer class, up to level 200.Level up it to Level 70 and you want to create characters that have link abilities.


Next, link those skills to your primary character which you plan to level up to Level 200 at the briefest quantity of time. In case you have spare time, level those characters up to Level 100 to increase the Link Skill to Level 2 which offers added advantage. If you are planning to make all them, use those link skills to help you level up those characters first before linking to your principal personality! For information on which tasks possess link abilities, see MapleStory Link Skill Guide.


I suggest utilizing 9 rank S character cards (or even 9 cards if possible) 3 decks -- every deck includes 3 cards. Essentially, by combining 3 personality cards to gain 18, you have to create a deck of cards. Each mix yields bonuses like extra Max HP MP or damage. For more information on the very best card combination to boost harm, visit MapleStory Character Card System.I recommend getting at least 20 characters around Level 140 so you're able to earn at least 40 coins per day.


The Maple Union coins may be used to buy EXP potions that help accelerate leveling into Level 200. Also, each character in the Maple Union is going to have the ability to  buy Maplestory 2 Items enhance your key stats and weapon/magic assault. You may use it to enhance your foundation MP and HP for simpler leveling for level characters that are new. Visit Maple Union aka Maple Legion System Guide for more info!

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